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SALES COACHING for you and your sales organization towards increased sales. It includes the complete sales process via prospecting, meeting booking, the meeting(s) and the closing phase.


We guide you through Social media, primarily LinkedIn, how you can increase your personal brand and capitalise on contacts that will lead to business opportunities and increased sales.


Based upon your needs Multipipe will take responsibility for a sales organization or a sales project. It could also include certain parts of the sales process.


To be able to get the sales result wanted the sales process must be good. This course focus on structure, methods, stamina and inspiration in order to reach your targets. Social Selling is obviously an important method for the modern successful sales person, but the combination with a more traditional sales process is vital for your result.

From the initial prospecting phase, via meeting booking, how to act in the meeting and finally the closing phase.

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Social Media provides fantastic opportunities to complent the traditional sales process. “Cold Calling is dead” is a popular phrase lately, and to this we disagree. Social Media rather improve and complent your existing activities. It is the combination of these sales processes that will define your success.

We guide you how to build an attractive digital profile, how to create a broad network and how to be seen as an Thougt Leader (expert) within your area.

This course has a pragmatic angle on how to increase your sales; efficient prospecting, more relevant sales meetings and how to make your cold calls warmer.

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Philip gozzi

Sales enthusiast who loves business and the alp’s. Genuine background as a sales manager and sales director in an international environment. Disciplined and structured always a laugh nearby.

Phone: +46 (07)6 858 59 22
Email: philip.gozzi@multipipe.se

Tomas Andersson

Passionate about sales, networking and entrepreneurship. Business man with 12 year’s experience as sales rep/sales director within industries such as lead generation, insurance, telemarketing and IT. Competitive person who likes his job and sports!

Phone: +46(0)070 832 32 35
Email: tomas.andersson@multipipe.se


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